walking on leash

Posted by Dee-Ann-Schindler
Jun 6, 2010
9 month old male bulldog has been raised in kennel now i have has never been on leash i take him out 3 times a day he bucks lays down rolls over or i pull but haven't been able to get him the idea any ideas?
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jun 6, 2010
Hi Dee Ann,

When I got one of my dogs from a border collile rescue, Noah didn't know how to walk with a leash. In fact, he acted so wild and tried to get the leash off, jumping around and chewing the leash.... it was terrible and we thought he would never get used to it... but he soon learn how to walk with a leash on.

How about starting with baby steps so that your bulldog first gets used to the idea of being leashed.

Inside the house, put the leash on him before you feed him. Walk with him to where he usually eat as you carry his food on the other hand. You can also leash him and walk inside the house whenever you have time.

Gradually, he will get the idea of walking when leashed.

On your first walk, you might want to carry some treats and coax him to walk by offering some treats. Make a distance longer and longer.

It might take long but I am sure he will realize that walking is fun!