Adding a new puppy (sibling) to the family

Posted by jessi-stubstad
Feb 20, 2013
Recently my brother and I each adopted a German shepherd puppy from the same litter. They have been great additions to our homes just as we had hoped. However, they do not get along together. They cannot determine who the dominant one is. They do not question the humans as leaders, even realizing they are below the 4 yr old,and the leader of the dogs is clearly an 8 yr old poodle mix who is half their size! My brother and his puppy are joining my household in a few weeks and I need help on getting these two to get along. We have tried letting them fight it out but it just goes on and on until there is blood involved. What should I do to help us all be a family without constant bickering between the dogs? I would like to have a plan ready before the big day arrives.