Biting and crying in crate

Posted by jennifer-watkins-1
Jul 22, 2016
hello, I have a 12 week old yellow lab puppy. He is currently all teeth. I seem to be his favorite chew toy and it is getting to be excessive. I have tried replacing my arms for toys, and he ignores the toys. I have sternly added NO and a toy - nothing. I am at wits end, can you help?

Additionally, I cannot figure out why he is crying in his crate at night. The first few nights after we got him, he cried for about 15 mins and then settled down. After 3 days, no crying at all. About 5 days after that, he started crying again and it gets worse each night. Last night was 2 hours of screeching. what I am doing wrong?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jul 28, 2016
Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for writing in!

A screechy and bitey start with a new puppy isn't much fun, sorry to hear about the problems you are having.

You are certainly doing the right things with the biting. I suggest that in addition the the NO when he bites you, that you turn your back to him and ignore for about 10 mins. Alternatively you god get a spray bottle and fill it up with plain water and give him a squirt when he does something naughty.

As with the crate training, have you been ignoring the crying? I highly recommend trying out some doggie pheromones on him - on that I know of is Adaptil ( They certainly help pups settle into their new household with greater ease.

Do let us know how you get along and also if you have any other questions.

Good luck!