Excitement piddling

Posted by jeff-holzman
Nov 22, 2014

I adopted an 8-month-old mixed breed. She's very affectionate, but she piddles when she gets excited to see someone. Any suggestions?
Posted by larry-halket
Nov 23, 2014
Hi Jeff what i would do is when you leave her and especially when you return totally ignore her until shes calmed down this also means any guests you have over they must do the same ignore her no touch no eye contact no talking to her once shes calmed down you can fuss her all you want but in a calm relaxed state hope this helps.larry
Posted by Preethi KOP
Nov 26, 2014
Hi Jeff,

I completely agree with Larry, ignoring her until she has calmed down will certainly help. If this system does not seem to be working then it might be more of a submissive behavior rather than an excitement-induced one and we may have to try a different strategy.

Have a go with the above suggestion and if you see no improvements over a couple of weeks, please write in to us.

Good luck!