Husky Attacks Me, Cat, Electronics...

Posted by stacy-diewold
Apr 9, 2013
I have a six month old husky who is a relatively shy dog. He has been neutered. He often stays in a corner and avoids people, especially men. He does not have fear-biting problems. Although he seems to be a little bit afraid of my husband, he is a wonderful and (mostly) attentive puppy when my husband is around.

The second (literally) that my husband leaves for work, Lobo becomes over-excited. He jumps up on the bed, steals blankets or clothing, and terrorizes the cat. This forces me to wake up and go to the living room, where he rips around and plays for a bit before again terrorizing the cat and starts to nip at me. I am completely covered head to toe in bruises from nips, and have been for months.

I understand that he just wants to play, but it has come to the point that I am becoming scared of him. I have tried everything, including what is in your book, except for ignoring him for 2 days.

My question: how am I supposed to ignore him if by ignoring him he becomes more aggressive towards me, my cat, and starts going after expensive items such as the TV? I can't leave the room - he eats electronics. I can't stay - he nips. I can't crate him - he hurts himself. And yet, the second my husband comes home, perfect!

I am at a loss. Suggestions?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Apr 9, 2013
Hello Stacy,

It seems to me that Lobo is in need of obedience training. He seems to consider your husband as the pack leader and considers himself next in line, which is why he behaves the way he does once your husband leaves.
You need to change this, and soon! Puppies are so much easier to re-train than older dogs.
Have you read up on Alpha training? Here are a few pointers:
-Teach Lobo basic ‘sit/stay/come’ commands.
- Do not feed him at the table. Feed him when you are done eating and make sure that both you and your husband take turns at doing so. Ask him to ‘sit and stay’ for a bit once his food is in front of him and let him eat only once you give him the command “okay”.
- Teach him to ‘heel’ on walks (holding a treat by your side is a great way to get this habit going).
-Make him follow you through any door-way.
- Take your time greeting him on your return from work- ignore him if he is excited
- Do not let him on your furniture- have a dog bed for him.
- Firm, assertive “NO’s” are a must every time he disobeys you.
- Body language is a huge part of communication in the doggie world- Lobo probably senses that you are becoming afraid of him and will try to use this to his advantage. You must be composed at all times and have a sense of authority.
-Put him in the crate/an empty room if he is being naughty.
- Please do consider a profession trainer if at any point you worry for your safety.
- Exercise him every day and socialize him with other dogs, Husky’s definitely need heaps of outdoor time!
I hope your bruises heal quick and that you get Lobo under control soon.

Please keep us posted. All the best