Labrador Colour

Posted by usman-khan
May 3, 2015
I have pedigree Lab Dogs pair consisting of Male Black and Female Yellow Colour. On April 27,2015 the 1st litter was delivered. The total litter was 7 pups (5M & 2F) out of which 4males died in 1st couple of days. The surviving dogs and thus One Male and Two Females.
All the three pups are black. However the male pup has brownish patches on lower portion of legs. Similarly one of the female pup has a small white patche on back under the tail. I am sure that external crossing is not possible. I have been told that this is a sort of fault of pedigree and the litter is not a pure breed. Is this true? Please let me know the factual position.
Posted by Preethi KOP
May 10, 2015
Hi Usman,

Thanks for your message. It must be nice having puppies around, sorry to hear that four did not make it.

Your query would best be directed to the Kennel club (or equivalent authority) in your region. I had a read through a few websites and the rules vary. Here are some excerpts:

"Color oddities (“mismarks”) have occurred from time to time and have been well documented throughout the breed history of the purebred Labrador Retriever. Such mismarks have includes black and tan markings, brindling, some white markings and ring-around-the-tail markings. It is unknown as to whether mismarks appear because of recessive genes from generations ago or whether they are the result of a spontaneous mutation.
Although mismarks occur naturally in Labradors, these mismarks are rare. They are not mixed breeds but are 100% Labrador. We at Trinity Labradors feel strongly that mismarks should never be deliberately bred, although we understand that there are plenty of breeders around that would be happy to breed these “rare dogs” to charge a higher price."

According to the UK Kennel club standards: " Small white spot on chest permissible." "Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault..."

So, like I said before it would be best to check with your local authority.