Posted by d.p.middleton-
Nov 19, 2013
I have 2 male springer spaniels 9yrs old and 7 months the pup is feed on wagg puppy complete older dog on wagg working dog complete also they have sardines in sunflower oil and pigs liver or kidneys boiled with there biscuits once a week the older dog is fine but the younger dog will try and eat other dog or cat poo when they out for there walk I have caught him in the act and reprimanded him but still does it
Posted by Preethi KOP
Nov 20, 2013
Hi Mr. Middleton,

Thank you for writing in to us.

I am unfortunately not from your area and hence not very familiar with the brand in question. I did however have a look online and from what I gather Wagg food isn't the best there is out there. The main ingredient is 'cereals' (this is with respect to dry puppy food) and it doesn't tell you anything about the quantity or quality of it. It could just be lots of fibre and low in essential nutrients. I would recommend you switch to a more wholesome diet. You could consider discussing this with your vet or have a look online for reviews on various products. It is best to go with one that has been formulated to national standards such as AAFCO or better still, been through scientific feeding trials.

If you are still having these problems 2-3 weeks after you have switched diets, please write back to me and we shall see what else we can do. All the very best.

Kind regards,
Posted by kjd
Nov 25, 2013
Mr. Middleton,

It is hard to break a dog from eating poop once the dog has the habit. I have a dog that likes to recycle her food. I tried various things, but finally gave up. Instead, when she comes in with poop-breathe, I feed her a Greenie. I do it at other times too, so she thinks it is the being outside that earns the Greenie, not eating poop!

She has a dogdoor, so comes and goes as she will during the day, as long as I am home.

Posted by valerie
Dec 3, 2013
Hello Mr Middleton

I would certainly change their diet, as post from Preethi mentions "Wagg" is a low quality food and although some dogs can eat it without obvious side effects others re-act to the high, low quality grain content.
Poo eating is usually due to lack of certain minerals/vitamins etc. Having said that as a lot of diets (usually tinned ones) pass through with a strong tasty smell (to the dog) they are irresistible to some dogs. Look up 'pet food reviews' and you will learn more on complete food content - or change to a BARF diet and see the difference.