New bigger puppy terrorizes small older dogs

Posted by joan-mardeusz
Nov 4, 2013
I have 2 Yorkies one is 8yrs and one is 5 yrs. they are both 5 lbs. my son and daughter in law moved back home with their young Keeshond, he is now 1 yr old and is very hyper. Duke ( the Keeshond) always wants to play with the other 2 but he doesn't know how to be gentle enough. He uses his body to crush them against walls and furniture and just runs them down. Chewy (8yr old), is always fearful to be anywhere near Duke because at one time Duke ran him over and bruised his ribs ( this was when Duke was smaller). Now Duke is 45lbs and still acts like a wild little puppy, nipping at them and just constantly crushing them. The little ones yip and nip and go crazy which just makes Duke more hyper and want to play more. Rudy stands still when Duke comes near him, which works sometimes, but then he just steps over him and slowly tries to smash him into playing. Any idea of how to get the dogs to be able to live together peacefully?
I need some peace!
Posted by mark-whitcomb
Nov 5, 2013
I have the exact same problem and couldnt find any information anywhere. I have a 13 yr old shitzu and 8 yr old maltese. we just took in a 10 month old American Staffordshire Terrier. The Staffie is about 60lbs and very playful and does the same thing to my older dogs. I also have 2 cats that she is determined to play with even as they scratch at her when she gets near them. I could really use some help as well.