Seperation Anxiety

Posted by SS34
Oct 12, 2012
We have a terrier mix. He came from Hurricane Katrina and was in several different shelters before we got him. One couple even adopted him right before us and brought him back because the other dog didn't like him. They were afraid he might have heartworms or something else from the flooding and so they even kept him in the back closet. Also, I think his owners in NO must have abused him.

Anyway we had him like 3 or 4 years and he was perfect. He did not like it when you left the house but he never tore anything up. Well one day he tore up the wooden door. He then didn't do it again for about a month and did it again. Well he did it like 3 or 4 times over about 6 months. Then never did it again.
We just moved to a new house. He was there for probably 2 weeks every day as we were moving, painting, etc. Then when we started living there he seemed fine. About the 5th or 6th day he tore up the weather stripping on 3 of the doors heading outside. A couple days after that he then tore up a bunch of carpet in the basement at the door leading outside.

I am really not sure what to do about it. I know we can just put him in a crate but since he has never been in one, and sometimes he gets so anxious I think he may give himself a heart attack if we put him in one.

Please help, he is the perfect dog except for the sep. anxiety!!!!

Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 18, 2012
Hi there, and good on you for taking a rescue dog from such a big natural disaster!

I wonder if crate training is a good idea - you can introduce him to the crate gradually, and only while you're around, then start leaving him in it while you're in the next room, or outside and see how he handles it.

If a crate isnt going to work, you can always baby gate him in a specific part of the house, or even try something like an exercise zip line in the back yard, or a run in the back yard.

You could also try a DAP spray or plug in when you leave, and leave a TV or radio on so that there is noise for him to listen to. Leave a shirt of yours with him so he can smell you - all these little things sometimes help anxious dogs.

Also, just make sure its not linked to something like him needing to go outside to pee - let him go to the bathroom before you leave, and really consider leaving him outside if youre going to be gone for a long time.