Submissive urination

Posted by laurie-lebel
Jan 22, 2013
We have a 1 year old fixed male Golden Ret. who pees when he feel like he is in trouble. This makes it difficult to give corrections when he is doing something we don't want. Like being on the bed. If you try to move him, he pees. Also, sometimes when we are petting him. What can we do?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 29, 2013
This is a bit of a hard one, obviously I would suggest speaking to your dog in calming tones, even when disciplining him. Try training with him everyday, just basic commands and playful things to build his confidence and assure him that even when you're speaking dominantly, its ok!

Obedience training and classes can be a real boost to a dogs confidence, and you may find that enrolling in something like that will help your dog.

Always be sure to tell your dog "good boy" when he does move off the bed when you say to, or when he listens while being disciplined. That being said, I would suggest not letting him on furniture at all for the time being - he likely will take a while to build confidence and until then you dont want to keep having to wash everything weekly!