Training two dogs

Posted by joan-isenberg
Jan 24, 2014
I am about to pick up two one year old male Bolognese dogs. They have not had much training. Can they be trained together?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jan 26, 2014
Hi Joan,

Thank you for your email and welcome to Kingdom of Pets!

Congratulations on the soon-to-be new additions to your family, I am sure they will both bring you much joy. It is great that you have been proactive in terms of planning in advance for their arrival. The question you have posed is crucial to their training.

I highly recommend that you begin training them individually. I say this because a one-on-one session will:
a) be most efficient
b) you will be able to bond with them and get to know each personality better
c) getting to know their personalities is important in terms of deciphering what motivates each individual and what sort of reward/punishment system would work best on him
d) if you attempt training both together, there will be lots of distractions (they may want to play with each other rather than listen to your commands)
e) you will know the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and be able to conduct your training with better focus
f) they will pick things up much faster, taking up less of your time and energy.

Please have a read through the Secrets to Dog Training ebook, it has a 12 week training regime that should suit you well. With multiple dogs, people soon find out that some pick up certain skills much faster than others. Be observant of these differences. One dog may master behaviors in one week and may never need to be trained again, while another may need weeks of training! Go with their individual talents, and make sure you keep them engaged by giving them a variety of exercises or adding to the difficulty of the exercise.

Finishing off each training session on a happy successful note is the most important principle of training. So if you find that your dog is getting nowhere with what you're attempting to teach him, go back to a simpler exercise that it can easily do to boost its confidence. Once you have the basic commands down pat and have them both well under your control you could attempt training them together. If you feel that doing this is causing more disobedience, stop the session immediately and revert to the original one-on-one plan.

All the best, I hope you have great success in all your ventures.

Kind regards,