destructive boxers

Posted by hailey-arnold
Mar 1, 2013
Hi I have three boxers (female 10 months, male 7 months, and male 7 years old). They are perfectly behaived when we're home, but once we leave it's a different story. They have torn up the back of the couch, ate part of the dry wall, and ate through an end table. My husband says that when I'm gone and he is there they whine and keep watching the door until I get home. I'm beginning to think they have seperation anxiety, I'm not sure if the desctruction as anything to do with that though. It doesn't seem to matter where we put the dogs when we leave, they always manage to destroy something. Any advice?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Apr 8, 2013
Hi Hailey,

Sorry to hear about your naughty pooches How long have you had these dogs for? Have you recently added one to the pack? Could you please tell me if you have noticed if it is one of the dogs that is doing this or all three of them? Ask you husband which one is worst off when you leave?

Although it does sound like separation anxiety,sometimes, what begins as separation anxiety tranforms into misbehaviour- they want attention, even if it is in the form of being reprimanded.

Here are a few suggestions you could try out
- exercising them before you leave for work
- buying a bunch chewys/toys for them and cycling through them
-having the radio/stereo on when you leave home
-not making your return home a 'big deal', take your time saying hello to them. Do things on your terms
- instead of chiding them for being naughty, putting them away in a quiet room as punishment

Hope these help. Please do write back with the answers to the few questions I have for you.

Thanks for writing in