Posted by qkwyler
Apr 5, 2008
Hi Claudia,

I just read your post. I have 2 Coton de Tulears. They are 16 mo and 2 yrs. These dogs are still so rare - at least in the US I hardly ever hear of anyone having one.

I know what you mean about the mats. My boys love to run and roll and dig in the yard. If they are not brushed daily they definitely get mats. Cutting them out is fine if you plan to have their coats cut or trimmed. Some Coton owners never want to cut the hair. But if you aren't planning on showing them, it is fine to cut them.

I take mine every 2-3 months to be clipped. I have her leave their legs about 1 in. long and their torso and back about 5/8 in. long. I also have her clipped their undersides, because, as you said, that is where they mat the worst. I leave their little heads and faces a little longer than the rest to keep that cute look. I do have her trim around the eyes because I want to see their eyes.

I could send you a picture by email if you like and I would love to see your baby.

Do you have any training issues. My youngest, Pistol is having some "fear aggression" issues toward other dogs and people - especially men.

It was so nice to see a Coton owner out there.

Posted by Claudia
May 19, 2008
Hi Kathy
Thanks so much for your reply and apologies for my belated reply. In the interim I have had Muppet clipped and besides the fleas she picked up at the doggy parlour, she seems very happy with her new style. I will definitely clip her again in a couple of months. And once I work out how to put an image on the website, I'll send you one! In fact when I bought Muppet I thought I was buying a dog similar to the Maltese Poodle which I had before in South Africa. They are very much alike in except for the longer body and longer softer hair. In Finland where we live at present, it seems they are not common but there are a couple of breeders around. Muppet's teeth are not correct so she will never be a show dog but we love her just the same! I do have one other problem with her and that is that she loves to lick us. No matter how many times I tell her to stop, she keeps doing it. Can't really say when she does it most and she would take every opportunity which presents itself. The breeder we bought her from said they are known as 'kissing dogs' so presume this is what he meant?
Let me know what you think.
Thanks and regards