Grooming for a golden retriever

Posted by 3eteiba
Oct 23, 2011
Any instructions on how to groom a golden retriever?
and how to bath it?
how to check its teeth and plaque?
any equipment?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 25, 2011
Hey there,

Most goldies I know do well with simple, regular grooming at home - I'd suggest getting a brush to use on your dog at least twice a week. Slicker brushes (available in pet stores) are good for getting knots out as well and working through a dogs undercoat.

Most pet stores and vet clinics sell a variety of dog shampoos, I havent heard of any problems with any brands. You can also use baby shampoo on dogs - its what I used - its good because its much less abrasive and irritant than normal soap or shampoo, and its a lot like doggie shampoos. Once you bring your dog home you'll figure out based on his lifestyle/habits how often to bathe him - some owners do it once a week, I only did it when my dog got really dirty at the river, or smelly!

You can get dentral treats to help reduce plaque build up and keep bad breath under control - I'd recommend Greenies if you're looking into this. Kong also sells toys that are designed to clean teeth and keeps gums healthy, and I think they work really well. Most vets recommend at least 1-2 times a year getting a dental prophylaxis done (basic teeth cleaning), and this is really good for dental health, but is often not done because of the cost! You can even look into brushing your dogs teeth at home, which helps a lot (they make special doggie toothpaste, you can find it in most pet stores) - if you're going to try this, start doing it as soon as possible so you train your dog to tolerate it instead of fighting you the whole time!
Posted by carla-wilson
Jul 3, 2012
I bathe my Goldie in the shower stall. Soak with the hose. Add shampoo to a bucket of warm water. Scoop this onto him and lather. Rinse with shower hose. Then close the door and command him to SHAKE. have a dowel ready cuz I guarantee he will shake a second time the MINUTE he comes out!!! Then blow dry in front of the TV. My guy loves it!