Posted by mickeyd35
Jul 8, 2008
I have a 5 month old male labradoodle and now that summer is in full swing and the temp is getting higher he does not like to be outside for very long during the day. I am not sure what to do about his coat as this is our first labradoodle, should he be cut or just trimmed for the summer or left alone?
I have visions of him being shaved and getting sunburn instead!
Also how often should this breed be bathed?
Thank you for any information you may have.
Posted by amkishaba
Jul 12, 2008
I have a maltipoo he is a rescue dog his hair is growing out -- trim or not? :rolleyes:
Posted by foxi7778
Aug 8, 2008
Personally I would leave your dog's hair well alone and only trim areas which may cause problems.....over eyes, feet etc....after all, which came first, the dog or the dog groomer?? lol. As for bathing...dogs don't need bathed as often as you may think. Bathing too often can destroy the natural oils in their coat, so you only need to do it when you think they are smelly or have rolled in something nasty :eek: You can get dry shampoos for dogs and doggy deoderant.
Posted by Annie
Aug 23, 2008
I´ve washed my dog twice in 2 years....:eek: but she is a short hair and really clean...natural oils are good for the skin though,