Help needed for hair grooming

Posted by Mano
Nov 27, 2008
Hi I have a male Norfolk terrier of 22 months and in Jeddah, Saudi arabia. Every climate change app twice in a year the hair of my dog gets knotted all over his body. We bathe him once a week using dog shampoo and conditioner. Also we brush his hair periodically. The vet says this happening due to the weather change and is natural. The way to eliminate this temporarily is shave the hair completely and the dog looks miserable for a few months . Can any one suggest an alternative please,
Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 27, 2009
Hi there,

I would strongly recommend to brush your dog more regularly if you can. That way you can prevent the knotting before it starts.
Posted by foxi7778
Feb 27, 2009
Gotta agree. I'd brush your dog daily and wash less often as you will destroy the natural oils in your dog's coat, which won't help with the knotting either.
Posted by cpfiber
Feb 8, 2011
The Vet suggested something for me to use with one of my dogs who always's called a grooming rake. It's great - I hold the hair where it goes into the body and gently pull it through the tangle. It's better to do this right after you have used cream rinse for tangling hair or I should say right after rinsing it off. Hope it works for you.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 9, 2011
I'd agree...proper grooming brushes, like the rake, are the best thing to use on stubborn, repeatedly tangled dogs. You can choose from all sorts of grooming utensils at most pet shops, and vets tend to have higher quality items available. Constant upkeep of your pups coat is the best way to prevent painful, aggravating knots!