Matted coat

Posted by Claudia
Mar 20, 2008
We have a 7 month old Coton Teleur. Unfortunately we didn't realise how important the grooming would be from the start. Although we now brush her daily, she has matts of hair especially on her underside. We have been trying to cut these away but not sure that this is the best way to solve this problem. Have also thought that in the summer perhaps we should have her shaven so we can start at the beginning again. What suggestions from the Coton experts?:confused:
Posted by Blue
Mar 26, 2008
I'm no expert on coton's, but the plan sounds good.
You could contact the breeder (or a breeder) on how to deal with the mats - there may be some shampoos (or home remedies) out there that may help loosen the mats and make them able to be cut away from her body faster.
A breeder could also tell you about the best grooming equipment for her fur .