Teeth and bad breath

Posted by jamaza
Aug 5, 2007
Should I brush my dog's teeth to keep them healthy - and get rid of bad breath!?
Posted by TheDogTrainer
Aug 6, 2007
YES!! Bad breath is usually caused by food material getting caught in the dog’s teeth. If left untreated this can be the starting point for tooth decay and gum disease. All good pet stores will sell doggy toothbrushes and doggy toothpaste. Note: DO NOT use human toothpaste as dogs can become ill on even the smallest amount of fluoride which is commonly found in toothpaste for humans. Chew bones are also good for maintaining dental hygiene in your dog.
Posted by mutleynhollywood
Jul 9, 2008
I have a 12 yr old collie chow mix named Tyson and he has been getting his teeth brushed since a pup. I would highly recommend it! when he sees me with the toothbrush and toothpaste, he comes runnin!
Posted by Sadiesmom
Sep 6, 2008
I really am a firm believer in brushing your doggie's teeth. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get my dog up to a level I can brush her teeth. I appreciated the info about floride, thanks