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Posted by Melissa
Nov 29, 2007
I have an 8 week old papillon puppy. I know they require regular grooming. However, I'm confuzzled which grooming tools to use/not use. Right now the puppy's fur is pretty short, so is a regular bristle brush sufficient? Also, are some types of clippers better than others for toy breeds?
Thanks muchly!
Posted by MartyEd
Dec 2, 2007
Hi there Melissa,

I'm assuming your puppy is long haired considering the breed mix. If this is the case your puppy's coat will need attention a couple times per week. The long-coated Chihuahua is easy to maintain with brushing a couple times per week. They normally love the attention of being groomed.

You will need a cushioned natural bristle brush and a medium-toothed comb - this should be fine for your puppy, but be sure to be gentle.

Grooming procedure:

1. Brush through entire coat with a natural bristle brush and then comb to remove all tangles.

2. A suitable shampoo for both the long and short coated Chihuahua might be “natural tea tree and lavender oil.”

3. Don’t bathe your Chihuahua unless he gets really dirty. Oftentimes the Chihuahua will only need a bath about every 2 to 3 months depending on environment and circumstances. Always rinse well.

4. Blow-dry the coat while brushing the long hair.

5. After blow drying, comb through with your medium-toothed comb (these items can be purchased at any pet supply store or online.

6. Check the Chihuahua’s nails, ears and teeth. His nails should be kept moderately short. For show dogs, follow the breed standard about nails.

Note: The interior of the ear canals of the little Chihuahua should be gently cleaned. You may want to use a little Betadine scrub in his ears to prevent yeast infections. Pay special attention to drying the inside and outside of his ears. Ear infections can arise from moist ear canals.

Take special care with your puppy and if you have any worries or doubts about grooming him or her - be sure to visit your local groomer for their professional advice or for them to take over the grooming for you so that you only have to deal with minor grooming twice a week.

Hope this helps Melissa.,

Kind Regards,

Mark Edwards
Kingdom of Pets Team