grooming troubles

Posted by djhawkins4320
Jul 17, 2015
I give my dogs their haircut at home, to save money. I have a couple dogs who do pretty good with clippers, but when it comes to doing their feet, they don't like it, and move around a lot.. I'm afraid I will cut their skin if I use a scissors. any suggestions on doing their feet and not getting their skin, is there a shield for scissors that only lets it go so close ( like the different blades that go only a certain length )
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jul 21, 2015
Hello again

Once again this is something you could inquire at your local vets or a pet store- there certainly are pairs of scissors out there that are tailored for such needs. If you cannot find these you could ask your vet for some sedative pills to give them pre-grooming to ensure they don't move about too much.

Good luck!
Posted by edwin-carvajal
Apr 23, 2016
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