home alone

Posted by Jody-Steinke
Mar 8, 2009
Our 8 yr. old shitzu/poo female goes crazy when we leave her home alone.
We've never had success from puppyhood at crate training her. She would
even relieve herself in a small crate when everyone told us they would not
go where they sleep. She's a wonderful dog when we or others are with her
but hates being left alone in the house. In the car she would be content all
Posted by Annie
Mar 20, 2009
hi there,
to be able to help a bit more I would like to know what exactly you do when you leave the house ( and what she does) and also very important what happens when you arrive home again. This problem can be fixed quite easily, but I don´t want to explain things you are maybe already doing
give some more information and I´ll try to help,