scars/damaged coat

Posted by mel
May 27, 2008
We've recently adopted a shelter dog, mixed American Stafford Terrier. A vague history suggests he was a street dog for most of his life (4 years old) and suffered from mange at some point. Unfortunately, it seems it was so long ago that the hair may not grow back again as the skin has scarred and left him looking somewhat like a steet-fighter...

Any suggestions or "home remedies" to encourage re-growth of damaged/scarred coat hair?
Posted by Todd
Jul 16, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post

Scars occur due to wounds. When the scar tissue forms it doesn't have the normal structures that the skin has like hair and sweat glands.
So in it self scar tissue won't ever look like normal skin. But with time they can shrink. Some skin scars can improve with Vitamin E creams or Bio-oil.

If anyone else out there has any ideas just through them out there.