1.5 month mix dog refuse to eat and drink water

Posted by arlenet4
Feb 19, 2011
Hi there,

I found a small dog in the street. He had a lot of fleas and looked really thin (you could see the bones on his ribs and hips) and was really weak and dirty. We took it immediately to a vet and he put him something for the fleas, told us it didn't have parvovirus or distemper, but that he had parasites in he stomach and was really anemic. The vet estimated he have 1.5 month to 2 moth because it have all the milk teeth. The vet prescribed oxantel and baycox to deworm and nutrical as a calorie suplement. the first day we put some lactose free milk and gave it the suplement. He ate it well. The next day we deworm him and since that day (it has been 5 days) he don't want to eat.

When they were one and a half day we desided to force to eat with a jerige since he was so weak.

After this four day he look stronger, even gain 2 onces. He move more, also spend most of the time sleeping. He evacuated fine and pee fine. But I don't dare to stop to force to eat because he is still weak. I put the food and the water in from of him but he simply don't eat it.

I had put solid food wet with lactose free milk, milk alone, and can food.

I really dasperate because im afraid that i hurt him when i force him to eat (that he suck the food to the lung, because he cry when I forced him)

Why he don't want to eat? Do I have to stop the force feeding? What can I do so he start to eat?

Sorry for the long post, but I was hoping to give all the details. (sorry for the spell, English is not my native language)
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 22, 2011
Hey there arlenet,

I think the best thing to do in this situation is to take the puppy back to the vet. He'll be able to examine the dog and try and identify a reason for not eating.

Usually force feeding a dog doesn't hurt them, and while there is a small chance theyll inhale the food into their lungs, it usually doesnt happen. I'd still rather you took him back to the vet, so that in the very least you can see the best technique for feeding him if he stills needs it.

Let us know what the vet says, sorry I cant be more help but in situations like this its hard to give advice over the internet without seeing the animal! Good luck!
Posted by arlenet4
Mar 10, 2011
Hi there! I took it to another vet and she recommended me to give him iron, after two day he start to eat alone and now he bark and play a lot...when he started to gain some weigh started to show skin problems that I'm now treating, but at least he look like a real dog now. Thanks fr the advices