Best Food For a Golden Retriever Puppy and Adult

Posted by 3eteiba
Oct 23, 2011
i need examples and suggestions please
thank you
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 25, 2011
Hey tibia,

I'm happy to see youre interest in every aspect of your new dog! I hope the arrival is awesome!

As far as food, its really whatever you think it good to try, based on brand preference, and usually price!

I started my own dog on Eukanuba large breed puppy food and it was really good - he grew very well, and it gives easy suggestions for how much to feed them at each age in weeks. Once mine got older I swapped him to Pedigree because I couldnt afford to keep feeding Eukanuba! :s But, he kept putting on weight in a good manner, and his coat looked great!

The truth is, most commercial diets are balanced enough for good performance on any of them. There are specialty brands (Hills does a range of specific aimed diets, and my university is a big advocate of Hills, I know a lot of dogs who do well on them) as well as breed specific brands - but I havent heard any super convincing evidence that these breed specific diets are any better necessarily.

So really, its word of mouth and your own opinion. In the few cases of food allergies, there are plenty of options you can try later. The same goes for cases where your dog might not put weight on like you want, or if the diet gives him bulky poos or something - its mostly trial and error to find something that works

Hope that helps, I wouldn't stress too much, just find one that appeals and give it a go!
Posted by chris-stein
Jul 18, 2013
Hi Tibia, I know a lot of people base their dog food on what they can afford and I do not know what price range you can afford. We have an American Bulldog 16 weeks old now and she is on Nutri Seafood Select which is good for puppies as well as adults. Is it expensive? Well it is more money than the commercial dog foods you can buy in the grocery stores and most pet stores. But it is terrific!!! You definitely want an all Natural Pet food with no grains, corn, preservatives etc. It is worth the extra money. I have done so much research and one of the main things that will guarantee a LONG and healthy life. I know I want my dog to live as long as possible and healthy. All three of my dogs are on this dog food various ages. It was recommended by our Breeder. There are many other all Natural, Grain Free, Corn free etc. dog foods our there and that is definitely the way to go if you can afford it. Hope this helps.