Best way to lookafter pup after surgery?

Posted by Annie-Mac
Sep 17, 2011
Our 11 week old Golden Retriever has been to the vets after vomiting and diahorrea. An injection of "dye" and xrays pointed to a blockage. Surgery revealed no blockage but a fault with the valve between his stomach and intestines which the vet has fixed.
Pup is now due to come home and as we have only had him 2 weeks his training is still very limited.
He needs to be on restricted activities for 12 days until he heals and the stitches can be removed.
I would like some advice on how to treat pup when he gets home. We want to love and protect him and do the best to get him back to proper health, but we don't want to undo all that we have achieved with him and have him start thinking he is Alpha.
How do we "pamper" him to help him heal, but not loose our Alpha status in the process.
Annie Mac
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 18, 2011
Hey Annie,

Hope your little pup is doing ok! When does he come home?

As far as maintaining alpha training and still giving the little guy cuddles and sympathy - its pretty easy. Still be sure to do everything you were doing - eating first, going through doors first, asking him to sit for meals, etc etc - keep up with all your normal training! In the in-between times, when you're just watching tv or reading, on the computer, you can call him over for rubs and love. If he approaches you in these times, give him love and attention. Its not a trade-off, I dont think you ever sacrifice love and affection for alpha training. Alpha training is just telling him his place in the house, it has nothing to do with the attention he gets.

If he misbehaves, you should still discipline him in the same way you used to. Chances are he'll come home a bit sedated and less energetic anyway, so you can just rub his ears and say sweet things to him while he lounges around

I hope you find its not as big a problem as you might have been expecting. Hope he's back on all four feet soon!