Broken Leg

Posted by cybor462
Apr 18, 2010
Hi All

I have another issue I need help with. I have posted in detail in another thread so please look for it if you want a total peek into our Lucy.

To continue as you know she broke her leg when she was in my sons care. We got her right after. It has been months since that happened and and her leg has healed. We were concerned right away because any type of exercise would cause her to gimp.

We brought her to our vet (not the vet that set her leg) and asked if there is a problem. He reviewed ex-rays and examined it and said it is healed fully, but it has not mended in alignment. He said a specialist would be needed and those types of surgery run from 3-5k.
Her leg is now twisted and bowed. When she walks or does anything apparently the ligaments are rubbing (can feel clicking) and then she cant put weight on it. She walks with a gimp, holds it off the floor when sitting.

It is her left front leg. Since she is a Husky their legs are very muscular and they love to run and pull. She can't do either without almost disabling herself for hours.

We are not in a good place financially (we do not have medical insurance) and have already spent thousands on her to get her other problems treated. She was just spayed a few weeks ago too.
We just can't afford to have her leg fixed. At 7 1/2 months old we just cant stand to see her suffer the rest of her life.

I searched and called dozens of potential sources of help just looking if they could suggest something. Out of all those calls 2 returned our call. One was a Husky rescue that offered help, at the least an email with links to places that could help and even offered to have their vet look at Lucy for free. After that offer they disappeared and never sent the email nor returned my calls again. WHAT JERKS!!!!

The second place was a local vet school hospital that said there was no help they knew of.

I called all sorts of rescues, schools, even a vet surgeon school asking for nothing more than suggestions and NONE of them even called back except the 2 I mentioned.

A Dr Carol Osborne spoke to me on the phone but she was unable to offer any help other than telling me to call local vet schools.

My plea goes out to all, does anyone know of anyplace we can contact to seek help for Lucy?

It is not her fault she was abused and injured. And now she got stuck with us and we can't help her.

Please if anyone knows of any info please email me at


Lucy thanks you.


Posted by kjd
Apr 18, 2010
Oh, cybor,

My heart goes out to you and Lucy. If I could, I'd help, but I'm already struggling to pay off the almost $4,000 for Zoey's bloat and euthenasia.

Most rescue groups cannot afford that kind of money to treat a single animal. Can you contact vetinarian groups online to see if someone there could help (or give you a very long time to pay -- like ten years)?

kjd and Sunna
Posted by cybor462
Apr 18, 2010
Thanks kjd

Sorry to hear of Zoeys problems and end result. I never knew you could get attached to a pet so quick and feel so deeply about them. We had a dog years ago and it seems that Lucy has such a hold over us unlike anything I remember from our last pet.

I do not want anything free, I was hoping to find what you said like a plan to pay over the term without the need of great credit. 2008-2009 ruined our financial lives and it is an anchor we are trying to drag along with us with hopes of someday cutting loose.

I guessed rescues have little funding but to offer me a bunch of links to places that DO help and then never send it....and also offer your vet to check her out and then never call back that is terrible. I only asked them for suggestions or info on maybe programs that could offer payment plans over time.

I know things are tough but I worked for and donate and do free stuff for non profits all the time and know there is money for these things. Just is not there for those who try to help others all the time I guess. I know funding is down but to not even return a phone call! Is the cost of decency so high that they give that up too?

Sorry I am frustrated, just can't believe they can't even return a call or email.

Please readers.... I do not want donations, I hope to get suggestions or maybe ideas if anyone knows if there is anything out there that allows payments over time. Vet medicine is sooo money crazed that they want your next born child before they schedule a visit to the vet. We had Lucy spayed at an animal hospital that accepted vouchers from PAWS to save a hundred bucks on the surgery and they made me pay over the phone before they would schedule an appointment.

Its is like the health of a pet is dictated by the depth of ones pocket book.

I could not believe it. It is like they must preach at vet school that if you want to get rich become a vet.

Sorry for the ranting, but we can make a choice for ourselves if we decide to get treatment or not for an illness. If we decide or can't afford it then we suffer but at least we had the option.

A pet is totally dependant on US and do not have a choice. They do not choose to be born, they do not choose to be abused, and they can't choose to get or not get medical treatment if needed.

Posted by kjd
Apr 18, 2010
A home equity loan?

GE has a special card for animal care and medical care for you. They offer various promotions. Mine was a 12 month interest free. I have to pay the minimum or the interest comes in, but it is giving me a bit of a breathing room. Go to [url=]CareCredit Healthcare Finance - Payment Plans and Financing for Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Veterinary & Other Medical Procedures[/url] and see if there is anything that can help you. It does depend on the provider, I think, as to which terms you can get.

Let us know how it goes. When I have some more onlne time, I will see if I can find something else.

Posted by kjd
Apr 18, 2010
One other thing, Jim. Don't turn down donations. If that is what it takes to get Lucy walking, you can always "pay back" by helping someone else down the line.

Yes, first you want to see if you can work out something with the finances. But sometimes that is impossible. Then you have to remember we are all brothers and sisters.

Good luck with Lucy. She sounds like a great dog.