Eating Habbit

Posted by Jay
Sep 17, 2008
My dog(Saint Bernard, 4months) is not very fond of eating.
I am feeding him with mostly royal canin (now a days A.GR) & at times with puppy pedigree for large breeds.
He is served twice day with 300gms of meal. Eventhen he skips one of his meal at least 2 to 3 times a week.
I also at time serve him milk, which he is very fond of drinking(250ml).
But if he knows that he will get milk he will completly avoid the regular meal.
Is it O.k with my dog?
Am i on right meal choice for my dog?
Posted by bullmastiff2
Dec 26, 2008

I am no expert on dogs since I often have more questions than answers. But I had a German Shepherd who was a very finicky eater. She really had no interest in food. I spoiled her by cooking lowfat meats and organ meats to mix with her dry food to get her to eat.

About milk what I heard from our vet was to absolutely avoid giving dairy products to dogs. Our other dog also loved milk and especially ice cream and we gave her daily. Apparently it is OK to occasionally give a piece of cheese or other dairy products as a treat, but not regularly. However, for some reason a small dose of yogurt is recommended regularly to help with the bacteria balance in the digestion.

I am just passing on what our vet said and I would love to hear more opinions myself.
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Jan 10, 2009
I think milk is okay if your puppy handles it--no gas, no diarrhea from it.

Since your dog likes milk, try mixing low fat cottage cheese in his food....about 2 tablespoons per meal. I make my dog's meals and am moving in the direction of an all raw diet, and most homemade dog recipes call for cottage cheese to be added. Dogs need calcium that they naturally get from chewing raw bones.

Adding "human food" to a dog's diet is not spoiling a dog. Its actually healthy. Just be sure never to give raisins, grapes, or chocolate as they are toxic.

Maybe your dog would eat his dry kibble if you poor milk over it like cereal. :cool:
Posted by hele9001
Mar 11, 2009
I have a 13 month old bearded collie who doesn't care about food. She eats freely, when she eats and she loves milk so I pour it over her food, but she sips the milk and almost doesn't eat her food, I have changed from food brands and home cooked, but nothing makes a difference she even refuses dog treats, but she tolerates milk well but not more than a pint a day . It is a difficult problem, but my vet says that not all dogs are food crazy. If someone knows a system to opening dogs appetite, I'm sure many of us would be thankful. :confused: