Fever and throwing up

Posted by jcecusa
Apr 25, 2009
Hi, I have a 2 year labrador. Last night we came home after leaving her for about 3 hours, and she had thrown up around her bed and she had pooped around her bed at least three times. Apparently she had diarrhea, and she couldn't hold it as she usually does. The next morning she threw up again, this time only water. Her spirits are down, she's usually very active, and she seems to have a little fever. I'd like to know what i can give her for the fever, and something i could do for her stomach issue.
Posted by LetsPlay
Apr 26, 2009
Hi there,
I would strongly recommend to take her to a vet as soon as you can.
Dogs sometimes get diarrhea after eating something they are not used to and it is usually nothing too serious, HOWEVER if she also has fever, vomits and isn't her usual self you need to get her checked out immediately.

She might have eaten something that she isn't supposed to. Some dogs react very strongly to chocolate or raisins/grapes and some can even die from it.

Especially if she is still not better now you should seek some professional help.

Hope she is better soon.
Posted by KOPsarah
Apr 29, 2009
Hi there, I too would recommend taking your dog to the vet immediately. Occasionally dogs vomit or have diarrhea when they have slightly upset stomachs but fever, vomiting repeatedly and toileting around the bed as well as showing changes in attitude and behavior are always signs to take your dog to the vet. It is also important to not try and give your dog human medicine as animals bodies can react very badly to drugs harmless to humans. Please lets us know how your dog is doing and we wish her a speedy recovery.