Itchy bumps on Rottie

Posted by P38lisayahoocom
Feb 9, 2012
My poor Bruno! We are getting his behavior under control, but we can't get his itching better. I switched to all natural lamp and rice, treats too, because i was told he might have a food allergy. He has bumps and rash, sort of like psoriasis, he itches and scratched and bites constantly. I have given him allergy meds as well. Any other suggestions? Oh, almost forgot, i have been putting Extra Virgin Olive Oil in his food as well. Any suggestions would be awesome!!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 9, 2012
Hey there,

Itchiness can arise from a variety of reasons - food, allergies, something in the environment, fleas, puppy skin reactions...the list goes on.

If he's not responding to your efforts now, and you are flea treating him, I'd suggest going to your vet. They'll have the means to test further and look more into the problem. And, of course, they can actually see Bruno and what the problem actually appears as, whereas we cant so I'd say just set up an appointment to get it checked out

good luck!
Posted by dtismv
Feb 29, 2012
My puppy has had a little itchy patch, so I just happened to be googling dog skin problems or something like that, and found a neat resource on WebMD (the veterinary section). They have a slide show of the 25 most common dog skin problems so that you can see photos of what the different conditions look like.
Good luck!