Kelpie - gets tired quickly ??

Posted by Jeanette
Oct 18, 2009
Hi - we've got a beautiful 6-month old kelpie. When we walk him he stops after about 30mins and refuses to move - I don't know if this is a sign of a problem or if we're just expecting too much of him at 6-months

Our vet thinks he's just trying to set his own rules ?

Does anybody else have this problem ?

Posted by LetsPlay
Nov 1, 2009
Hi there,

it is a bit tricky to diagnose this from the distance. Does he get tired quickly when you play with him in your back yard? If not then he might be trying to control the walk.

It might also be that you walk him on a surface that is uncomfortable for his paws. Try to walk him on soft ground, for example grass.

Does he always stop in the same spot? He might be worried about something.

Also remember that walking around in the neighbor hood is a big thing for dogs, there are som many noises, smells and sights that he could get tired a lot quicker than at home.

Do you walk him really fast? It might just be a bit much for him.

Did the vet check his hips and bones?