List of the Best and Worst dog foods

Posted by puppylove
Apr 13, 2008
I found this elsewhere on the Internet, this list was to have just came out in February 2008.

This is a list complied by the Whole Dog Journal.
It then comes down to which food off of the good list works well for your particular dog.

Best Dry Dog Food:
Addiction Foods
Back to Basics
Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine
Blue Buffalo
By Nature BrightLife
By Nature Organics
California Natural
Canine Caviar
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul
Cloud Star Kibble
Drs. Foster & Smith
Eagle Pack Holistic Select
Evangers Super Premium
Firstmate Dog Food
Foundations (Petcurean)
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals
Go! Natural (Petcurean)
Hund-N-Flocken (Solid Gold)
Innova EVO
Karma Organic
Lick Your Chops
Lifespan (Petguard)
Merrick Pet Care
Mmillennia (Solid Gold)
Natural Balance Organic
Natural Balance Ultra Premium
Newmans Own Organics
Organix (Castor & Pollux)
Petguard Organic
Performatrin Ultra
PHD Viand
Prairie (Nature's Variety)
Premium Edge
Prime Life Plus
Raw Instinct (Nature's Variety)
Royal Canin Natural Blend
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Potato and Rabbit
Showbound Naturals
Timberwolf Organics
Ultra Holistic (Nutro)

Worst Dry Dog Foods:

Cycle Adult
Dad's Bite Sized Meal
Diamond Premium Adult Formula
Excel Lamb Meal & Rice
Gravy Train
Happy Tails
HiPro Dog Food
Iams Lamb Meal & Rice
Kibbles & Bits Homestyle Chicken & Vegetable
Max Adult (Nutro)
Maxximum Nutrition
Natural Choice Adult Lamb & Rice (Nutro)
Nature's Recipie "Breed Specific"
Nutra Nuggets Adult Maintenance
Ol' Roy
Purina Dog Chow
Purina One Total Nutrition
Science Diet Adult
Science Diet "Nature's Best With Real Beef..."

Best Canned Dog Foods:

Addiction Foods
Advanced Pet Diets
Blue Buffalo
By Nature Organics
California Natural
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul
Drs. Foster & Smith
Eagle Pack Holistic Select
EntrÃe for Dogs (Three Dog Bakery)
Evangers For Dogs
Evolve [url=]All Natural Premium Dog and Cat Food Evolve Pet Industries[/url]
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals
Innova EVO
Lick Your Chops
Natural Balance
Natural Life
Neura Meats (Old Mother Hubbard)
Newmans Own Organics
Nutro Natural Choice
Organix (Castor & Pollux)
Performatrin Ultra
Petguard Organic
Pet Promise
Prairie (Nature's Variety)
Precise Plus
Sensible Choice
Showbound Naturals
Solid Gold
Spots Stew

Worst Canned Dog Foods:

Ol' Roy
Science Diet
Posted by Todd
Apr 15, 2008
Thanks for that.

Remember everyone that this is a very subjective topic.
Always look at what scientific backing diets have and by far the best thing to look for is a diet that has gone through AAFCO feeding trials.

A diet that is "formulated for" or to etc etc does not mean that it is a good diet. All it means is it has the basic ingredients. It does not mean the diet has been tested and made sure that it is acceptable.

Stick with AAFCO feeding trial diets and you won't go wrong

Todd (still a Hill's fan)
Posted by Duchess-of-Houston
May 18, 2008
Can you tell me what criteria were used to determine the best/worst foods? Or, even give a link to the website that posts the list.

I'm interested in how the determinations were made.:confused:
Posted by robyn
Jul 22, 2009
Can you tell me why the pedigree is one of the worst dry & can food, some people sware by it but if it isnt good for the dogs I would like to know as it is what my dogs are on at the moment


Posted by kjd
Jul 22, 2009
I agree with the Duchess. I'd like to know the criteria used. Also, I checked the AAFCO website very quickly. From that quick look, it doesn't appear to go into the sources of protein, for example. If a dog cannot digest a specific food, the protein in it will not benefit the dog. I have heard this is one of the problems with dog foods: They meet the % requirements, but with cheap sources the dog cannot use. (I think corn is one of those the dog doesn't digest.)
Posted by pazdedios1yahoocom
Aug 13, 2009
Thanks for the list. My doberman, Bella, is on you-Tube advertising

the best doggone dog food she has ever eaten. She was on Blue until I became

a distributor for Genetic Life Dog Food. I hope this is ok to say in this Forum

since this is my first time posting.

I lost a beautiful five year old doberman two years ago with oral melanoma.

I never want to go thru something like that again. My vet of thirty years told

me it was because of my prior dry food. Whether or not this is true, i don't

know, but it put the fear of God in me and ever since I have been searching

for something Bella enjoys eating and that I feel is safe.

I was fortunate to get a spot for Bella on Animal Planet in Sept. 09, coming

up and advertising Healthy Pet strips. and Genetic Life Dog Food. You can

see them on you tube or go to

[url]www.healthy[/url] pet Amazing to think you will be able to give your

pet a truly safe and healthy"shot" by putting it on the tongue to melt.

This is brand new and nutraceutrical and I'm really stoked about it.

I could send samples soon as I get them. Just email if interested.

The bulldog you see on the ads is I believe, the number one bulldog in th

country, and Ihope I have my facts straight on that, because I am just

learning about some of this, but I know this is the best I have found for Bella,

my service dog. Thanks for reading this. Del R.: