My Shih-tzu is constipated, what do I do ?

Posted by Trixie
Jul 23, 2010
My currently 5 year old shih-tzu is constipated. She also currently has hard-pieces of feces stuck to her bum. She's just lying down on the ground right now, and she seems like she's in pain. I could also see that she's trying hard to rid of the waste coming out o her bum, but it isn't working.

I feel extremely bad for her, is there anything I can do ?!
We're scheduled to visit the vet tomorrow afternoon, but what can I do in the meantime?

Do I try to take it out, or would that just hurt her?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 25, 2010
Hi there,

I think its very good that you're going to the vet, they will be able to identify the cause of the constipation and take the correct measures to fix it.

In the meantime, make sure she has a lot of water to drink, and try feeding her soft, easily digested foods like chicken and rice, cooked like you would eat it. This is easy on the stomach and helps move things along the digestive tract.

Unfortunately theres not much else to be done until you go to the vet, and let them take it from there. Hope she gets better soon!
Posted by kjd
Jul 28, 2010

How is your dog?

Posted by Trixie
Dec 3, 2010
Really sorry for the late reply, but she is doing great now
We took her to the vet, and nothing was particularly wrong with her, but they suggested to change her diet so we switched to another dog food brand . No problems ever since.

Thanks for the help
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 5, 2010
Hey Trixie,

Great to hear your pup sorted out! Hope you don't have any repeat problems with the new diet