Pet Insurance

Posted by david-lee
Jun 7, 2012
Hi - Does have anyone have recommendations on pet insurance ? I'm more interested in one that covers expensive treatment/surgery.
Also it would be nice to hear what type of coverages you have and if
it has been helpful.

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jun 9, 2012

I have insurance coverage for my 3 dogs and 3 cats (incl. my daughter's cat) with PetFirst Insurance. My dogs'plan is a family plan and I think it covers up to $7500/year and it also pays rabie shots and vaccination, as well as $35/year for behavior trainings. Their process time is quick and I am pretty much happy with it. I think our monthly premium is $64 for a family plan for the 3 dogs.

You can visit their website for more information. Hope this will help