Pup with painful BM's

Posted by torscrump
May 15, 2011
St. Bernard pup (4 months) for 2 days yells out with bowel movements, slightly loose stool so not constipated, no limp so hip seems fine too. Has vet appoinment next weekend. Any thoughts?Thx
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
May 16, 2011
Hi torscrump,

Can you move up your appt? Why do they make him wait that long?
He already has been in pain for 2 days, right? I would take him right away!
Posted by torscrump
May 16, 2011
Appointment Saturday is for last set of vaccinations. She is better today thankfully, no yelping, just lots of "shuffling around" while going. Thanks
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 19, 2011
Hey torscrump,

If she's howling while going, and its not coming out with straining or hard as rocks, it could be something internal - inflammation, a tear, etc. Your best bet is your vet, be sure to mention the problem during your vaccs appointment. Its good that she seemed better, but if she goes downhill you might try to get her in as soon as possible, instead of waiting for her scheduled appointment. Hopefully its nothing major
Posted by kjd
Jun 25, 2011
Hey, torscrump,

How is your pup doing? Everything turn out all right?