Running with your dog

Posted by arader
May 27, 2009
We have an 18 mo golden that is very active. He has begun running with my husband. My husband usually takes him out 2-3 times a week and varies the running medium. Sometimes they run through the neighborhood to the school and then sanders will run (and run and run) off lead on the grassy field while my husband runs about 4 miles around the track. Sanders does not run the 4 at the field but by the time they get back home, it is easily four miles. Other times, my husband will take him on trails and he will run for about 45 minutes. Other forms of exercise for sanders includes agility classes one night a week and daily swimming.
My question is how much is too much and is it too early to be running like this? Is running up to 6 miles at a time healthy for him? His lineage is clear of HD and elbows but i want to be sure we are not setting him up for issues later on in life. thanks for any help/advice given.
Posted by KOPsarah
May 27, 2009
hi aradar,
Young dogs can suffer bone damage from overly intense exercise however at 18 months this is less likely to be a problem. Also free running is much safer than running on lead because the dog will only run at its on pace and is less likely to run to the point of damaging itself. So I think in the case of your dog the exercise routine should be ok. The swimming is particularly ideal because it allows low impact exercise and good lean muscle building. Exercise is also very important for goldens because they are prone to obesity which is associated with a variety of health problems so keep up the good exercise work! Remember of course that if your dog begins to show signs of injury or exercise intolerance during exercise always consult your own veterinarian

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.