Sensitive stomach and food

Posted by Idan-Kashi
Mar 14, 2009
Hey guys,
My 9 months old mixed puppy that was adopted from a shelter has a sensitive stomach due to a genetic problem or just because he hasn't received a fitting food. More over, he eats junk like pieces of trees, his own poop when he can, and some other junk that really increases the problem when he is at my yard alone.
He was doing a very soft drops ever since I got him. Our vet has advised to use Intestinal of Eukanuba Veterinarian Diet for 2 weeks and then to switch to a high quality food (that he already had - Royal Canin) with progression. It worked, he had a regular droops for a while but then he started to drop it soft. We got a muzzle for him, so he won't it junk and it seemed to be the end, he had a regular drops for a long time.
Now, our Royal Canin is running out and we decided to get a fitter food for his age and sizes, we took Puppy & Junior Medium of Eukanuba that fits perfect for his weight and age, and is less oiled so it suppose to be good.
I started to switch to the new food progressively, but the problem seem to come back. I wasn't hurrying and I did it slowly. Also, I found out that he learnt to eat small things (junk from my yard) with the muzzle.

So, maybe it's the junk he manages to eat again, or I did something wrong with the progressively switch? Should I take the Intestinal again for 1-2 weeks and switch to the regular food?

Sorry for the long post and thanks,
Posted by KOPsBecks
Mar 23, 2009
I would suggest putting him on the intestinal diet again and very very slowly switch to your new diet. Control the amounts of each food in his diet each day by the consistency of his stool. You will know if you have mixed too quickly and then you can just add more of the intestinal diet.

Let me know how you go,