Swallowing instead of chewing her food

Posted by junecpg
Sep 4, 2009

My now 8-month old toy poodle is one greedy girl! She is so greedy and loves food so much that she doesn't chew her kibbles but instead, swallows them to eat it faster! I don't know why she is always in a rush to eat and finish her food.

I'm worried that she may not digest her swallowed food well - would it cause her any harm?

(I feed her a mix of Addiction kibbles 50% & wet food 50%)

I used to soften her kibbles with warm water before meal when she was younger but have stopped doing that since she turned 6-months old.

Please advise.
Posted by kjd
Sep 5, 2009
It is hard for a dog to chew her food. People can keep their mouths closed while chewing. Most dogs can't and, if they were to chew their kibble, it would fall out of their mouths. If you think she is eating too fast, some people recommend putting large stones in the dish (too large to pick up and swallow). Then the dog slows down because she has to work around the stones to get the food. However, it sounds as if your dog is eating normally. Most of her digestion is going to take place in her stomach.
Posted by KOPsarah
Sep 6, 2009
Hi junecpg,
Many dogs eat their meals really fast. While this shouldn't effect digestion especially if your dog is on the correct size kibble for its breed, it can increase the risk of choking. Trying large rocks in her bowl is definitely a great option. You can also try sprinkling her kibble over an area of the yard or her house so she has to find it and therefore eat it slowly. You can also try a treat ball, these dispense treats slowly as the dog noses the ball. Not only will the chance of choking be reduced but it is also excellent entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog. Similarly 'Kongs' which can be stuffed with food are an excellent option.
Posted by junecpg
Sep 7, 2009
Thanks! I'm very relieved