The Itching is driving me crazy

Posted by PJ-Rottweiler
Mar 4, 2010
Have a year old male Rott. We have a scratching problem. No fleas but extremely dry skin...almost like cradle cap. Am giving supplements of Vit E and fish oil which he loves by the way, have even 'brushed' him with baby oil. It seems to come and go...but we are losing hair too...not that there are any noticeable bald spots...but lots and lots of hair on floor...any suggestions?
Posted by kjd
Mar 4, 2010
Seen the vet yet?

Are there bare spots? Is it possible it is mange?

Posted by Lizelle
Mar 6, 2010
my vet believes in the rihgt food and that all dogs/cats are allergic to dairy products.He`s a vet for 27yrs and I`m? his patient for -+12yrs.

Posted by crazycrayonmom
Mar 7, 2010
Have you done any research on what they call hot spots? I know there's stuff out there for dealing with itching problems. I know someone who has a dog with allergies that gets hot spots off and on. Sorry I don't know more about it. Good luck!
Posted by judy-harm-1
Aug 16, 2012
I have used a spray bottle with 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water to spray on the dry area spots. It seems to help for a bit. I have also tried aloe vera on the itchy spots. It cools and soothes before bedtime so my dog can relax to sleep.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 11, 2012
Sorry, when you said "we are losing hair too" - do you mean you, the owner, are losing hair as well as your dog? That could imply something chemical/parasites may be the problem...
Posted by doug-wall
Jan 5, 2014
Does he also have a yellowish discharge in the corner of the eyes? My Rotti at about 4months old started to lose her fur and had a yellowish discharge in he corner of her eyes. I took her off the dry food because I had read that Rottis seen to have a sensitivity to corn. Her fur has returned three months later and the discharge from her eyes has diminished though not gone completely. Still not certain if it was food related or due to mosquitoes, as the vet suggested it might be, but not willing to try corn based food again.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jan 6, 2014
Hi Doug,

Thanks for sharing that with all our members. I am sure that it will serve as an eye opener for many rotti onwers in the future.

Best wishes to you and your pooch.