Posted by angelowner25
May 19, 2012
My husband had our female 3 year old gsd outside of my Drs office for approx. 20 min.-when I got back in the car I saw a small "spot" on her leg which started to move-TICK!-I found at least 5 more on her before he came out of the store we were at. That was 10 hrs ago- I have removed at least 15 others since-none attached. Seems to me they found something hatching-how long before I can feel my dog is clean? I think I saw something about baby wipes or alcohol wipes to make them come out-obviously can't sleep! ANY help would be appreciated immensely!! (scratch scratch)
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 24, 2012
Hi there,

if the weather is getting warmer where you are, ticks may be out and about more than they used to. When trying to find a host to land on, young ticks will climb to the tops of blades of grass or edges of bushes, where something is likely to brush past - this may explain why your pup had so many on her, yet none attached yet.

You can use alcohol or olive oil to remove ticks that are attached - I'm not sure about baby wipes, but you can always give it a go Otherwise, talk to your vet about tick prevention - there are pills and sprays you can use to deter the little buggers.