Uti infection-help!!!

Posted by Lizelle
Jun 30, 2010
Hi; my 7mth old Dobie has an UTI infection sice 4mth`s.It`s` so bad the thick yellow infection is dripping while she`s walking or lying down.She has been on 4 different antibiotics and 01/06/10 she was sterilised.After sterilisation she got PURBAC - but -+5 days after (it happens every time) the antibiotics the dripping starts again.SHE`s now on PURBAC again.
My vet assures me that it`s definitely NOT an ectopic ureter? or something like that - it`s just a STUBBORN infection.
It doesn`t look like she has pain or fever and when I take her out in the evening it doesn`t look like she has a problem to pee.She sits,pee,barks at the cats and comes inside.And when she has an accident during night is a HUGE splash.
During the day she stays outside - I`m working.

Has anyone here delt with something like this and maybe have some advise.

Regards Lizelle:
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 1, 2010
Hey there! Sorry to hear about your doggie's troubles! Your vet would know best about your situation, and there are ways of telling if the problem is just an infection or if it's something like ectopic ureters, so I would take the vet's word as the truth. Some infections of the urinary system, just like in humans, are indeed stubborn and very difficult to get rid of. The trouble is that the longer a UTI goes on, the more likely it is to develop more serious side effects, like kidney or bladder stones, which lead to more of the same problem!

Aside from doing what your vet says, and sticking with the antibiotics (you could always ask if there are "stronger" antibiotics your dog could be put on), there are a few options. Hills Science Diet makes a food specifically made for kidney health, called K/D, and it supports healthy, normal kidney function and might help your dogs urinary system get back on track.

If she's peeing inside in the night, you might, unfortunate as it is, try getting up and letting her out. Try to be sure she goes before bed, and restrict water intake for about an hour before bed time, just to help.

You can also try home remedies, such as giving your dog citrus juice, or apple cider vinegar. These work to neutralize the pH in your dogs tract, which kills off the excess bacteria causing the infection. This isn't guaranteed to work, just like home remedies for human UTIs are not guaranteed fixes, but you can give it a go.

Overall, the vet knows best the cause and subsequent treatment of your dog's UTI, and they will know if the problem is starting to become more serious, as long as you keep going to see them!

Good luck, I hope your dog gets better soon!
Posted by Lizelle
Jul 1, 2010
Thank you for the reply - I`ll try that home remedy and find out about the food.Actually the vet is very experienced - he`s one or other director on the vetenary commity/board - but I`m jus geting worried because it`s taking so long.Usually it`s tjoef tjaf and the problem`s solved.
And my big worry is also about the side effects of the infection AND the antibiotics - what if all her teeth falls out over a year or so :eek: and everybody laughs at this big,visouis dog with no teeth.

Nice day