What shampoo for shorthair dogs?

Posted by honeyshuman
May 25, 2008
Hi -
I don't know if this has been addressed before - hadn't really done my research...my question is, is it okay to use the Mane and Tail shampoo for my dog?

She is a 'national geographic' dog...very short hair. I have not given her many baths, and I know not to use shampoos for humans...do I need to go to the pet store to get her shampoo? Back when we had horses, no one knew about 'mane and tail'...but I don't know if it is proper to use on dogs...
any recomendations? I am heading out soon, so whatever help .......
Thank you so much!
Posted by KOPsarah
Apr 20, 2009
Hi there honeyshuman, thank for your post. I apologize for the very late reply, I am a new staff member and unfortunately during the gap in staff members many post were left unanswered and I am endeavoring to catch up with them all so that no one is left stranded.

Dogs can differ greatly on their sensitivity to products on their skin. Many dogs will have very little reaction to occasional use of almost any animal shampoo while some dogs skin will be highly reactive to almost anything that gets in their coat be it grass, pollens or many shampoos. If your dog has shown any kind of skin sensitivity then it is best to buy a very gentle, low fragrance, low allergen shampoo from your pet shop or vet clinic. Also remember with all shampoos it is important to keep the product out of the eyes, ears and mouths. If your dog is particularly sensitive also be very careful around any less haired or sensitive areas such as around the bottom.

We apologize again for the delay in the reply. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask, I will ensure they are answered promptly.
Posted by JayStation3
Apr 30, 2009
Hi there, I had the same questions with my dog a few months ago and my Vet turned me on to "Oat Meal Shampoo". I get it from my Vet. It's about $12.00 a bottle...