Why my dog easy to sick?

Posted by chan-bleasdale
Jul 28, 2013
My 36kg 1year 10 months old Bobby (Labrador cross golden retrueve) recently become quite easy to sick - sometimes liquid only, sometimes solid food just ate. Why?
Was it hot weather? Or digest problem?
Yesterday he had regulat breakfast. At lanch he happily had the bones of 2 lamb shank. But after his evening regular meal he sicked at last night 10pm and 4am this morning, sick the whole everning meal out with little bone debris.
He is a very active dog, why cannot digest 2 bones?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jul 29, 2013
Hi Chan,

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear about your dog's problem and would recommend not giving him bones for a while. Could you please tell me whether he is vomitting his food out or having diarrhoea? I will be able to help you more once you confirm which one it is. Also, how long has this been going on for and does he get sick after every meal recently?

If his illness hasn't passed just yet, I would highly recommend taking him in to see a vet. Also, please make sure he is drinking lots of water, dogs with vomitting or diarrhoea can get dehydrated pretty quickly.

Awaiting your reply!

Kind regards,