Posted by steve-edlis
Aug 19, 2011
my dog is 2 yrs old. 78lbs mixed sheperd.i am feeding him blue buffalo food. his stools are softer than i htink they should be. is anyone feeding their dog orijen dog food. and how are they doing on it? thank you
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 20, 2011
Hey Steve,

Soft poos are generally a sign your dog needs more fibre/bulking stuff in their diet - if you like Blue Buffalo foods you can always look into keeping that and supplementing with greens of some sort.

I'm not at all familiar with Orijen foods, but I looked their website and checked through their products and ingredients - it all looks really good. Their ingredient list is pretty extensive and seems to cover all the bases as far as whats needed and whats really good to feed for muscle, bone, coat, and joint health. The different formulations (puppy, adult, senior, etc) dont appear to be too different or supplement different things at different life stages, but again, the baseline foods seem to have everything dogs need. Maybe some other members actually have experience with the brand and can help you more, but I wouldn't see why it would be a bad choice, and with all the vegetable content I would think it will help harden up your dogs stool