eating grass

Posted by jwoods
Jul 12, 2008
My dogs eat grass constantly. Do I need to change their diet or is that normal? I feed them Purina Pro Plan, which is what my vet recommended. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Posted by Kate
Jul 15, 2008
Hi there,

Normal healthy dogs eating grass is not usually anything to worry about.

Are there stools normal? Not too hard? Sometimes dogs can get constipated if they are eating alot of grass so I'd keep an eye on that. But I think dogs often like the taste!

Dogs are really omnivores not carnivores and like getting some vegetables every now and then. You could try giving your dogs a bit of your leftover vegetables from dinner. This way you are providing them with some greens and giving them a bit of variety. Commerical dog biscuits provide all the essential nutrients must get quite boring!

Hope this helps
Posted by JayStation3
Apr 30, 2009
The only concern about eating grass is the possibility of getting an intestinal parasite or accidentally eating a poisonous plant (i.e; dafadil or a dandilion) My Toby (8 month old pitt bull) eats grass ALL the time dispite the fact I feed him peas, green beans, carrots, rice - among other types of none meat foods - all the time BUT I always carefully watch to make sure he is actually eating grass and not some poisonous weed. The pet store offers dog and cat grass, maybe you can look into buying some of that for him on a weekly basis to be safe...

hope this helps
Posted by susan-wethered
Mar 13, 2013
Dogs often eat grass when they actually want to throw up. We got very used to it with our Gordon Setters when we took them to the local woods. Basic grass does not seem to do them any harm.

What does annoy me is the pile of grass cuttings in our local park, put there by the local green bowling club. My girls love to feast on rotting grass cuttings and although they don't seem to upset their stomach's they do make them smell horrible where the rotting grass has touched their face and ears.