flees on puppy

Posted by Glenn
May 5, 2011
We have just taken on Aslan (White Shepherd puppy), who is 6 weeks. He already has flees but we were told by the pet shop that he is too young to have frontline (flee product) on him. At what age is it advisable to administer flee prevention products? Any other tips on reducing flees?
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 6, 2011
Hey Glenn,

Most flea products I know are recommended for starting use at the age of 8 weeks, so unfortunately you've got a couple weeks to go.

In the meantime, take a look at local petshops or your vets office for puppy safe flea shampoos and treatments. I would avoid a flea collar at the young age, it might cause immune reactions or allergies, and its been my experience that collars are not very effective anyway.

If he's brought fleas into your home, you should de-flea the environment too, to help cut down. Intense vacuuming, washing all his bedding (and yours!), and even try mowing the lawn and getting rid of clippings. Fleas usually lay eggs in areas that are warm and consistantly used by the animal, so be sure to pay special attention to where he sleeps, eats, and hangs out a lot. Vacuum the furniture and everything!

Once you do start Frontline, be sure to keep up with it as directed (usually every few months) because a lapse in an area where fleas are common can just lead to reinfestation!

If you see only a few fleas on him, its not too big a worry, but if there are a lot and you or your family are getting bitten, its a big problem and you might talk to your vet about the best way to get rid of the problem quickly.

Hope this helps!
Posted by Glenn
May 7, 2011
Hi Caroline,

It does help and thanks for the info. However, we took him to the vet yesterday for de worming and he put frontline on Aslan. I questioned:confused: him about the timing of this but his opinion was that it was ok. Every thing else I have researched and read says that flea products should not be given before 8 weeks just as you have highlighted. I am only but left to trust the vet's judgement - thankfully all seems fine with Aslan so far!
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 9, 2011
Hey Glenn,

If the vet thinks its appropriate, as you said, trust their judgement! Some do start routine treatments early, and I"d assume you'd see adverse effects pretty quickly if puppy was going to have a reaction.