huge tick problem

Posted by JBee1COOL
Apr 27, 2012
I take the dog for a walk and everyday I pull a dozen or more ticks off of him. I have changed the places where we walk, I use frontline plus , I spray him with water and tea tree oil and put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on his collar prior to walks as a repellent. When we get to the car I use a comb and get at least 6 ticks off of him. When we get home I examine him more thouroughly and find some more. Last night I woke up and one was biting me. We live next to a creek but I keep the grass mowed and low and try to follow all the advice to avoid them without success. I can not keep him indoors and he still needs his exercise and looks forward to his daily walks.

I am finding some on my bed so I assume that they are jumping from the dog to me. I have my mom or my husband check me every day and I find myself always looking for for them. Is there anything I can put on him prior to our walks on a daily basis? I have a spray but it is not for daily use. Any advice would be appreciated.
Posted by redchelsea87
Oct 5, 2012
I'm no expert by any means, but I use frontline plus, and I've never had a problem with ticks. Consult your vet and see what may work for you.