puppy vaccinated

Posted by Samy-AmiN-Nashed
May 2, 2011
Is it true that the puppy is vaccinated at the age of 45 days and 60 days, then the age of 90 days Is this true of the scientific
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 3, 2011
Hey Samy,

Yes, thats about right. Most dogs are vaccinated first at about 6 weeks, right around 45 days, and then again at 8-9 weeks (60 days) and then finally at 12 weeks (90 days). From there you typically just need annual booster vaccinations.

Depending on what you're getting puppy vaccinated for, however, some vets prefer to vaccinate a bit earlier, and some opt to skip the 12 week shot. You can always talk to your vet about their typical puppy plans. Overall, you're right on target though!