2 pee pad trained adult Yorkies need change

Posted by Barbara92021
Jan 11, 2012
I have 2 female Yorkies. Ginger is 6yo and ShyAnne is almost 4yo. They both were trained with pee pads. Ginger never ever has accidents anywhere in the house. ShyAnne is a different matter. When we picked ShyAnne up from the breeder, I noticed (as we were leaving) that she let the puppies use the rug at the door as a pee pad!! ShyAnne was 12 wks old when we got her, not 8 wks like Ginger had been. I blame the breeder for the house training probs with ShyAnne. That extra 4 wks makes a big difference imho. Anyway, ShyAnne will pee on any rug I put down in our home so we have no scatter rugs anywhere and thankfully we haven't had carpeting for many years. She won't pee on a pee pad that has more spots than she likes - she pees on the floor right beside the pad. When she poos, it takes her alot of space to finally get the job done so she ends up with poo from the pad to about 1-2' away from it.

With this history told, I need help b/c I would like to do away with the pee pads and have them go outside to potty. They both love it outside and have no problems at all doing their potty stuff in the yard. When DH takes them for a walk they pee like crazy all over the place but usually wait until they are back in our yard to do their poop. I am pretty sure we can change their potty habits but I need help knowing how to do this.

My Google search for this topic gave tons of results but none that are like my situation - most are completely the opposite, in fact. LOL I read that crate training is the best method for house training in both puppies and older dogs. Do any of you agree with this idea? If so, I have no problem getting a crate that they both would fit in. They only weigh 5 lbs each.

Crate idea or not, I really need help to make this change for my furbabies. I am no longer disabled as I was before so now I can take them outside without a problem and I can stay out with them far longer than I could before (that's why the pee pads to begin with).

NEED IDEAS PLEASE!!! I look forward to hearing what any of you has to comment about this or any advice you can give me.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 11, 2012
Hi Barbara92021,

I'm glad youre able to get around and spend more time with your dogs doing fun things - and I'm sure they do too!

As far as training away from pee pads to outdoors - theres really only one technique I've had experience with so I'll describe it and hopefully it works for you, or else hopefully someone else has more ideas

The idea is pretty simple - its just moving the pee pads closer and closer to the door outside, then outside to one particular spot, then taking the pad away. You're just coaxing them to go towards the outside, then outside altogether by moving their normal bathroom place gradually.

For your girl who uses a lot of room - try putting a cluster of pee pads down (2-4) instead of just one - that way you can hopefully catch it all!

If either of them has an accident along the way, move the peepad back to where it previously was, and start over from that step. All in all it should take under 2 weeks to get the hang of it.

Additionally - take them outside after every meal so they learn to use the bathroom more regularly when they really need it. The same with going out first thing in the morning, and before bed time at night. Really any time they are used to going, or any time thats a regular bathroom time. This will really help since they are so willing to go outside anyway.

Always reward and encourage them toileting outside with lots of verbal praise and pats As they do well with the moving peepad, you can try to give them treats if you see them using it in its moving locations

I hope this makes sense, and is useful!

As far as crate training - I think its a great idea and know quite a few people who've had success with it, but I wouldn't say its necessary in your case. Your girls are already happy to toilet outside, and seem to know that peepads are where they go indoors - so I think if they get the hang of just going outside you'll be fine

Good luck!
Posted by Barbara92021
Jan 15, 2012
KOPcaroline: Thanks so very much for your ideas! I wondered about trying what you suggest and thot it was too much like training puppies - that mine were too old to try this. It's how I trained the Maltese we had (when I didn't have MS or any of the disabilites) and it worked very well. This past 2 weeks I have been praising them big-time when they potty out in the yard so now I will start following your suggested plan.

I know that time and patience are very big factors in this being successful and I have tons of that. I will move the pee pads to the kitchen/laundry room area. The door into the back porch is right there and so I can then move the pads to the back porch and then out onto the covered deck and then into their area of the back yard. I am very sure that the older one, Ginger, will catch on faster than our very stubborn, sassy, cute ShyAnne. LOL She has an attitude that makes her special (and spoiled).

I will be back to post progress reports. Thanks again! I am looking forward to starting this plan tomorrow morning.