Adopted 4 Month old

Posted by DJB73
Jun 13, 2011
So we've gotten a great new mate from the local dog's home, but just can't seem to break his inside toilet cycle. Normally a dog won't defecate/urinate where they sleep, but our poor young fella has been brought up in a 44 concrete cage where he has no choice. We've had him for three weeks now, and he keeps peeing and pooing through the house. We've been repremanding only when catching him in the act (and only a stern growl and NO), taking his faeces and wee stained paper towels out to a common spot where we leave them, and take him out to try to go to the toilet there regularly. He sleeps in our old outside laundry (similar to his 44 concrete cage unfortunately). When inside with us, we try to take him out every hour, but quite often he will not pee or poo when we take him out, only to do so within ten minutes of being inside. It surely isn't from a lack of exercise, as we take him for at least an hour worth of walking a day, and quite often more. Moreso, he NEVER goes to the toilet - regardless of how much he sniffs and is encouraged whilst we are walking, but waits until we get home. Even then, he quite often will not go when offered the outside spot with the old wee and poo stuff, but will happily drop us a note once back inside. I have left him outside for long periods of time after walks, as well as after repremands for wrongdoings with the same results - dirty carpet!!! We recently took him to our inlaws "shack" where he stayed inside overnight, and only went to the loo inside overnight (he was probably just busting, as both times we were in the process of taking him to the loo in the middle of the night - as in he woke us up with scratching noises - one time wees, one time poos), but as soon as we got home, he took a HUGE dump in our rumpus room!!! WTF are we doing wrong?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jun 17, 2011
Hey there,

Another member recently had trouble along the same lines - a dog that was basically trained to poo where it slept in a pet shop. Their thread is right under yours on this forum. I responded to them with pretty much the same idea I'd give you, you should take a look into puppy pads and training that way Check out the post!


Hopefully it makes sense and will help with your pup. Let us know how thing go, either way, and we can always brainstorm more ideas
Posted by kjd
Jun 25, 2011
Hi, DJB73!

I can feel your puppy's frustration. He is trying to be good and do his thing in the right spot, but he gets put outside (whoever heard of going outside?) or taken on walks or to other houses and has to hold it in so long. . .

We had a cocker spaniel with somewhat the same problem, but in reverse. She went outside. We would board her at the vet's and the first thing she'd do when she got home was race to the yard for relief! When we told the vet, they started taking her for regular potty walks and she no longer had to hold it in. The vet had indoor runs and the cocker knew not to go inside.

KOPCaroline's suggestions are very good. Try them and see. Be patient. If your pup were human, you'd give him a lot longer to get potty trained!