American bulldog house training

Posted by joshua-jackson
Feb 8, 2013
Hello all and let me first thank you for whatever help you can give. We have a 13 week old american bulldog pup. She is very smart and knows quite a few commands already. However she doesn't seem to be getting the house training down all that well. We are crate training her and when she isn't in the crate we are with her and observing her constantly. She knows that when she gets out of the crate it's time to go to the bathroom and follows us to the door, but this is the only time she goes to the door to be let out and is only done if we direct her. She has had a few accidents inside but has been caught each time and we sa no and run her immediately outside. We give lots of praise and say "get busy" which i think she understands when she's outside. However she will not make moves to go outside, we will be playing or doing something and all of a sudden she just squats, she even peed on her pillow that sits infront of the fireplace. We take her out regularly even to the point where she knows she doesn't have to go but will do just the littlest bit outside just to come in. It is also cold outside which she doesn't love but once outside she loves to play in the snow. Thanks for any info.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Apr 1, 2013
Hi Joshua,

How is your dog getting along now? You seem to be doing everything right and I hope that your doggie is well trained now.

If you are still having problems you could try mopping up the mess she makes indoors with newspaper and placing this outdoors. Take her out after every meal she has. If she does not relieve herself on any of these occasions make sure you take her out on the hour after till she does go.. On the odd occasion that she does relieve herself inside, tell her off with a stern,loud 'NO" or a loud clap and lift her and place her outdoors. Once outside, do not scold her as she may think that defecating outdoors is bad too.

All the best!